VIC for I2C activation in LPC2929

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ariel_HSL on Tue Dec 23 07:46:10 MST 2014
Hello everyone,

I am new to NXP's devices, so thanks in advance.
I am currently using the MCB2929 of keil with the NXP LPC2929.
I am developing using keil MDK environment and toolchain.
I am currently trying to implement I2C communication between the board and my PC (using Total-phase aadvark link).

Here is the problem. I have checked a couple of examples (I2C and non-I2C). It seems that
the VIC registers are different in the LPC2929 than in most of the devices I have seen. In most example
(for example here), there is
a VectAddr_x register where you put the address of your desired function. (for example: &I2C_ISR)
In the LPC2929 VIC, there is no such register. The keil basic examples come with a startup code which defines
most of the interrupt ISR's (for example Timer0_Handler, ADC0_Handler etc.) However the I2C interrupts are marked as
'reserved', and I am not sure how to configure them.

In the LPC29xx user manual, in the VIC chapter (ch. 9) there is a mention of a 'VIC drivers' which would
be very helpful, however I could not find them anywhere. (there is no link)
I also could not find an example for the I2C OR VIC for this family of devices. (meaning, with out the provided startup code)
Are there examples for this family which I failed to find?
Could someone exaplain how to correctly configure the VIC for the I2C interrupt?

Thanks in advance!