Kurt Smith

Zigbee Coordinator Address Isn't 0

Discussion created by Kurt Smith on Apr 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by Brett Wallace
I'm aware that in a Zigbee network, the coordinator should always have a NWK address of 0x0000.  However, when i try to send messages from a router to the coordinator using the address 0x0000, this does not work.  Also, I had the NCB diplay the value of gNwkData.aShortAddress on the LCD, and it prints 9A6.  Sending a message from the SRB to the NCB using the address 0x09A6 DOES work.  So, why is the address 0x09A6 and not 0x0000?


P.S. Please do not just tell me to go read the Zigbee specification, I've tried that.