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mingw32-make: *** [CAN_FLASHER.elf] Error 1

Question asked by Corominas Marc on Jun 13, 2016

Dear all,


I am new using the eclipse enviroment and KEA128. I am just developing a simple application just for practicing. And I got stucked due to mingw32-make: error. I am not able to find what I am doing wrong or what is wrong. Every time I try to built the project the mingw32-make error appears.


The first time I checked the console a lot of duplicate element where present so I decided to clena the Project(PROJECT>clean .. ) and re-built but the error stills there.




The console  does not give so much information related to the error so it is hard to solve.


I tried to use a previous code that was working this morning, but the error stills there, so I really do not know if am doing something wrong or maybe my CW10.6 is fooling me.


Please find attached the code.


any tip?


Thanks for your support.


best regards,



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