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Internal ROM Compilation Does not Result like UART Debug Compilation

Discussion created by Keyvan Eslami on Mar 10, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by CrasyCat

I'm using M52223EVB board and CodeWarrior 6.3. I used the Coldfire Stationary to make a startup application for UART. So, I replaced printf("blah blah")  with  WriteUARTN("blah blah", 7) to write to the UART0 and test the write by a terminal console. The write is done ( no matter if it's garbage or not ) when I'm using UART Debug mode, but it does not print anything when I'm using the Internal ROM mode.

I looked for a thread in this forum for this issue , but I could not find any. So, if I've missed, please redirect me to a thread that explain this issue. Otherwise, I would appreciate if some one could help me out to fix it.

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