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Any ideas why PPP w/ 3G modem would work in one Yocto image and not another?

Question asked by Patrick Philp on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by Patrick Philp

We've got a custom i.MX6 platform that we've designed, and we're adding 3rd party PCIe 3G modem cards to the boards.


When I build a Yocto image with the fsl-image-gui recipe (with ppp added), the PPP link will start up but shortly after authenticating, the link will drop with the following debug messages from PPP:


sent [LCP EchoReq id=0x1 magic=0x9950d399]

sent [IPCP ConfReq id=0x1 <addr> <ms-dns1> <ms-dns2>]

rcvd [LCP EchoRep id=0x1 magic=0x96a24aa4]

rcvd [LCP TermReq id=0x4]

LCP terminated by peer

sent [LCP TermAck id=0x4]

Modem hangup

Connection terminated.


However, the exact same hardware, using an image produced with the core-image-full-cmdline recipe works just fine - the PPP link is established and works without problems.


The PPP option and chatscript files are identical, and the Linux kernel is built with the exact same configuration.


Any suggestions on where to look in the various image recipes would be greatly appreciated.