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CDC on KL27Z256

Question asked by Glenn Brookes on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Iva Susnova

Since updating form KSDK1.1 I'm having big problems with project implementing CDC virtual com using MKL27Z256.

I am not able to successfully move from the bare metal demo on FRDMKL27Z  (uses MKL27Z64) to my own board using an MK27Z356VMP4.

I really would prefer use processor expert (and now FreeRTOS) as I already have many components configured from before the update disaster.

Unfortunately the FSL_USB_CDC_Device component which looked just the job does not support the  KL27 family ??


Even when starting a new project from scratch the reuslts were the same,  I could get the project to compile and run on target but the USB would not enumerate.

A USB sniffer suggests there was no response to requests, as though the function to return device descriptor was not being called 


Any help / working demo would be gratefully received.


am using KDS 3.2 and have tried KSDS 1.2 and KSDK1.3. with applied KDS eclipse updates.