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Trouble with alternate PHY on MPC8313ERDB (configuration)

Question asked by Dave Stehlik on Mar 5, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2008 by Dave Stehlik
I have a board which is a modified MPC8313ERDB to have broadcom phy instead of marvell.
It's having trouble finding the phy at boot, and it looks like the bus_id is incorrect.  The marvell is
at bus address 4, but my broadcom is at 5.  In the boot log I see:
e0024520:04 not found
eth1: Could not attach to PHY
I think the :04 is the bus id being used from the marvell. I've looked, but can't figure our where this
is configured.
This is with the ubuntu linux distribution, ltib-mpc8313erdb-20070824.
I am _not_ very versed in linux.
Thanks for any help.