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ntag i2c NT3H1101/NT3H1201 transfer with android phone via eeprom

Question asked by do ngoc duy on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by do ngoc duy

I'm engineer at DGS company in VietNam. i have a project with your NTAG i2c (NT3H1101)

i want to communicate ntag i2c with android phone:

     phone send command via sram of ntag, MCU read command in sram then write data into eeprom of ntag, after completed, phone read data from eeprom of ntag.

     transfer command via sram i done.

     after recive command, i config Session register:
     NC_REG : 29h


     then write full eeprom with my data.


but when android phone read full eeprom, FD_PIN in low, isnot brought up same datasheet.

what's my error, can help me