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How to connect and configure MPC5775K

Question asked by Chen Miao on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by Martin Kovar

I use the example of MPC5775K-ADC_example-S32DS, and I press the button "debug configurations", I set interface and port, and set breakpoint at main.I enter the correct password,and then it succeeds. It seems to connect to the MPC5775K-356DS daughter card.I don't know how I can do to run the program in the chip,I make an attempt that I press the button "run",and I choose  "run as S32 C/C++ application",and in the next choice I try both choices,however ,there is always an error : Launching   MPC5775K-ADC_example-S32DS_Z4_1_Debug.elf has encountered a problem.Error starting process.Following is what I  want to know.

1)Maybe I need a guide for S32DS to support MPC5775K. and I want to know the steps of running the program in the chip.

2)I want to know how to add Variables into the Variables window to view their changes