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MQX Floating point support on MK22FN512 part

Question asked by David Cooper on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by David Cooper

We changed from a K60 part to the MK22FN512 with plans to make use of the FPU on the K22F part.

I based the bsp for the K22 board on the bsp for the FRDMK22120M.

I am using MQX 4.1.0.


I just started trying to convert some of the math from fixed point to floating, but am getting

      Unhandled Interrupt: <task name>, Task ID 0x ..., TD 0x ....  task errors the first time the processing tasks run.


I am working on the assumption that the PSP for the FRDMK22120M would have FP support (??) and have tried various combinations for the MQXCFG_ENABLE_FP and MQX_SAVE_FP_ALWAYS #defines in user_config.h as well as adding the MQX_FLOATING_POINT_TASK attribute to the task template struct, but am obviously missing something.


Can anyone enlighten me on what other steps I need to take to successfully use the FP unit.