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Crash CodeWarrior debugger

Question asked by Romain BENET on May 11, 2016
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I run an automatic script on my application in tcl language which uses one breakpoint as you can look on the attached screenshot. This script is executed on Cyclone MAX. The goal is to perform data processing (Processor in the loop) tests. These tests can take several days given the amount of data to process.


Our Cyclone Max is connected to the computer through Ethernet. However, it is impossible for us to perform long test sessions because CodeWarrior always crashes after a few hours while running the script.

Do you have any ideas about what can cause such a problem ? We use CodeWarrior 10.6 build 140329.


This issue is very embarrassing for us as we plan to develop big market applications with Freescale targets and Code Warrior environment.


This week-end my debugger crashes: error CORBA connection. While? You can find an attached file for CORBA connection failed.




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