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USB host cdc with modem not cdc_acm/cdc_data

Question asked by Alain Bridel on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Alain Bridel

I'm working with FRDM-KL26 that we have "boosted" with the KL26256.

I'm working with KSDK 1.3 and Keil IDE.


I use the provided FRDM-KL46Z usb host CDC sample.


Everything is working perfectly when I attach a real USB CDC ACM compliant device. I have tested with a home made CDC device and a commercial modem from gemalto (BGS5T).


Next I have tryied to attach another modem that is not CDC ACM compliant (quectel UC15). This modem expose 5 interfaces with 0xFF in both class, sub class and protocol.

The modem "should" work using the fourth interface that expose three endpoints : an int in, a bulk out and a bulk in.


For the modem to be recognized I have added in cdc_serial.c a driver info to match the VID/PID (05C6, 9090).


The USB modem is then well recognized but only for its cdc_acm interface and not the cdc_data interface. So, data_init class is never called and nothing is working.


My question is :

How can I define a cdc peripheral that in the same interface expose two different usb classes ?


The SDK 1.3 doesn't seem to support this kind of architecture.