Mark Butcher

wolfSSL and uTasker for Kinetis

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on May 10, 2016

Hi All


Just a note about the fact that wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS and wolfCrypt cryptography libraries have been ported to the uTasker operating system:


Potential advantages are, as well it being a professionally supported and optimised implementation, the facts that it can be completely tested in (approx.) real-time in the uTasker Kinetis simulator (using VisualStudio) and projects being compatible between Coldfire and Kinetis parts. No IDE or Kinetis part restrictions - works on all (popular ones) with no additional effort.

Due to its low memory (flash and RAM) footprint this enables it to often be added to legacy projects based on Coldfire as well as to new Kinetis ones to maintain product synchronisation.