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USBDM install/run problem with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Question asked by JOHN ADAMSON on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Michael Heidinger

I know it's brand new software, but as it's the latest LTS, maybe we can get a jump start on it? 


The package installation of failed.  Running it in the command line showed a couple of missing dependencies, one of which was resolved (off screen), another which was resolved in the attached log of the install process.  With the dependencies fixed, it seems to install, but running the ARM_FlashProgrammer yields the fault shown in the attached PNG file. 


The whole thing is running in a VirtualBox VM (Ubuntu 14.04 host).

As an aside, I'm a bit concerned that it seems to be installing plugins from an Eclipse MARS repository, when I have Kepler installed (because it seemed as if some other ARM/Kinetis software was better supported for Kepler, not even Luna). 

Another concern that it seems to be installing them also in "/opt/eclipse_was" which is how I thought I was hiding that directory from adding the "_was". 


Going back to doesn't seem to help because there are dependencies on a 2.8 version of a library, and Ubuntu seems to stubbornly insist on providing 3.0. 


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...



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