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CodeWarrior doesn't find license and shows "This is the last day of your license"

Discussion created by Markus Pferrer on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Markus Pferrer


On one PC CodeWarrior some times starts normal with the floating license and some times shows the error message "This is the last day of the current license" (it surely isn't).

I think this is the message from the end of eval period and it is different from the "No valid license key was found...", that we get if all seats are in use.

We can see on the server that it consumes one license seat, but it doesn't start on the client.


We also tested with a node locked license (and an other license file) on the same PC and got the same error message, so it shouldn't be a network problem.


We didn't see this problem on any other PC. Reinstalling didn't help.

We've used lmtools on server and client and didn't see any problem.


We're using CCW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10 on Win7 x64.



Thanks for any idea or help what we could test to solve this problem?