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i.MX6SX GPIO voltage select (USB_H_STROBE)

Question asked by Petr Kubiznak on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by Petr Kubiznak

Hi all.

Looking in the Reference Manual of the i.MX 6SoloX processor, chapter 35 (IOMUXC), there are some pads which seem to have selectable output voltage. In particular, I'm speeking about the USB_H_STROBE pad. The DSE field of the IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_PAD_USB_H_STROBE register allows to set the output resistor, where each value corresponds to three different resistors, conditioned by some "mode". E.g. the default value 110 corresponds to 43 Ohm @ 3.3V, 25 Ohm@1.8V, 40 Ohm for DDR.

My question is how to switch between the voltage "modes", i.e. how to switch the output voltage between 3.3V and 1.8V.