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[I.MX536]Not enough data in ALSA buffer

Question asked by pengchuan tang on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by pengchuan tang


Our platform is imx536, audio codec ak7757. when do playback, print out the following log:

ya_imxesai ya_imxesai.0: TX#1 Not enough data in ALSA buffer (256 frames)

I don't know this is a warning or err, but our media playback is normal. So this have any effects on us?


We also have ipod music fuction, our local media playback is normal, but our ipod music can't playback.

I do some works as follow:

1. I have check audio route is ok, local media playback and ipod music switch to  "ASP MEDIA Route" when do playback.

2. I capture PCM datas of local media and ipod music, found the PCM data of ipod music have nothing by Cool Edit.


What can i do, guys?