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SBC: MC33903 vs MC34903 (MC33903/4/5)

Question asked by slowrobotahead on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Tomas Vaverka

Can someone PLEASE explain the difference between the CAN/LIN System Basis Chips of the MC33903/4/5 series and the newer MC34903/4/5 series!?


The only differences I can find are:


- At some point the MC3390x was an MCZ3390x but those are also identical

- The 54pin package was removed and now only the 32pin is offered in the MC3490x

- With this package change, some options go away like dual LIN with the extra regulator

- The datasheets for the MC3490x say "Based on the MC3390x datasheet" under revisions



- Absolutely nothing that would merit a part number change!

- It seems the 33903S is identical in every respect to the 34903S (and other matches), but this seems... unlikely

- The MC3490x info lists the 3390x dev kit, but this could be a copy and paste mistake


Why would Freescale or NXP increment the part number and offer zero explanation? It seems this happened (without my knowledge) back in 2013, so prior to the NXP deal.