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Difference in flashx driver for K60 bsp vs. K22

Question asked by David Cooper on Apr 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Daniel Chen

We changed the processor on a board from the a K60 part to a K22, both with 512k of flash

The firmware is making use of the dual bank flash support in the chip for firmware updates using the swap functionality.


I based the bsp for the K22 board on the bsp for the FRDMK22120M board.  It seems the flashx driver built for this bsp does not have support for the flash bank swapping.

Looking at the _bsp_flashx_file_blocks definition in init_flashx.c the "swap0" and "swap1" blocks are not defined.

The low level driver for the K22 bsp is also different, _flashx_ftfa_if vs. _flashx_ftfl_if.


Can you provide guidance on what I will need to do to modifying the K22 bsp for the 512k flash part to take advantage of the dual banks of flash and swapping between them.