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KDS 3.1.0 + TSS 3.1 + FreeMaster, could they work together?

Question asked by Luca Campanale on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by Iva Susnova


I have a board with a K20 processor and 4 capacitive key.

In order to do a complicated TSI tuning I would like to use FreeMaster Gui.

I already succedeed to use FreeMaster and TSS 3.1 but using CodeWarrior 10.6


Unfortunately my project should be developed on KDS 3.1.0.

When I try to instantiate FreeMaster GUI inside KDS my routine freezes in the ISR:




  /* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */




Is this normal? Does KDS 3.1.0 support TSS and FreeMaster GUI?