Hemant Gawande

LCD display flicker issue

Discussion created by Hemant Gawande on Apr 7, 2016

  we are developing our LCD type meter using nxp LCD driver PCF8578HT.

There are two PCB board ,first one is CPU board over which we have put the micro controller and second is display board  on which we have put the LCD display and LCD driver. 

We have used the I2C mode for communication between micro controller and LCD driver.

We are using 1:16 Mux rate, 16 ROWS and 24 COLUMN, full graphics mode.

LCD display has 4 rows of 4 digits and 1 row of 8 digits,other segments are used for parameter unit indication.

The first and second row is steady but the third ,fourth and fifth row is flickering.

Pl find attached detail mapping documents of our LCD display.

   pl find attached interfacing circuit, .C and .h files.

  Pl try to solve the issue.


I am not understood the below RAM allocation.Kindly elaborate.

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