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How can I activate an LPCXpresso Pro License without an Internet connection?

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

LPCXpresso Pro Edition License offline activation





The LPCXpresso IDE Pro license is designed to be used on a computer with a regularly active Internet connection. Activation takes place by communicating with a license server over the Internet. Once activated, LPCXpresso IDE regularly communicates with the license server (the license handshake) to check the status of the license. If this license handshake repeatedly fails, the license will become deactivated and a reactivation will be required.


Some customers have computers that can never be connected to the Internet. This may be due to security concerns, or if the computer is at a remote location where Internet access is not possible. In these circumstances we permit an Offline activation.


Offline Activation


Offline activation causes a "License" (.LIC) file to be generated on the computer to be activated. This file must be transferred to a computer with Internet access (e.g. copied via a USB memory stick) and then uploaded to the license server at using a web browser. An encrypted activation (.CDM) file for this license file is generated and downloaded from the browser. This activation file can then be transferred to the computer to be activated (e.g. by using a USB memory stick).


Full instructions are given within LPCXpresso IDE when the user is performing an offline activation and additional information is also given on the Softworkz page itself. In particular, pay attention to the information given when you come to download your CDM file - which will be similar to:


 Re-activation was successful. The License (.CDM) file is ready for downloading    
      [Download] [Cancel] 

* IMPORTANT - Do not add the extension .CDM - simply Save the file as it appears. 

In order to Activate the software you must take this CDM License file and transfer it
to the Offline computer into the same directory where the .LIC file was located.


An Offline activated computer will not become deactivated when the license handshake fails. However, should an Offline activated computer be connected to the Internet (whilst running LPCXpresso IDE), the license will convert to a standard activation and it will then be subject to the standard license handshake. Thus, if the computer is again disconnected from the Internet, it will then require a new Offline reactivation.