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Trouble with eeprom on mk22fx512avll12 with kds pe

Question asked by pem kung on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Marek Neuzil

when i use pe to generate code with eeprom. i found fuction 'Cpu_GetFlexNVMPartitionCode()' always return 0x0.

then i look up the source code, i found that the code generated with pe use wrong 'DFLASH_IFR_READRESOURCE_ADDRESS' with fuction 'FTFE_PDD_Cmd_ReadPartition_Init()'.

it must be 0x8003f8,but it was 0x8000fc just like 'FTFL' module.

the chip must be 'FTFE' module.

also i found that 'FTFE_PDD_Cmd_ReadPartition_GetEepromDataSize()' and 'FTFE_PDD_Cmd_ReadPartition_GetEepromBackUpSize' read wrong register.

it used like 'FTFL' module,that is 'FTFE_FCCOB4_REG' and 'FTFE_FCCOB5_REG'.


i corrected the source code, then it return the right PartitionCode.

!Please update the package as soon as possible to correct the error