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i.MX6SoloX DDR debug problem with Segger JLink

Question asked by David JAOUEN on Mar 25, 2016



I'm trying to debug an application located in DDR and running on the M4 core of the i.MX6SX.

I'm using a Segger JLink+ probe and a i.MX6SoloX Sabre SDB board.


The A9 core boots U-Boot from QSPI NOR, then I load the M4 application using tftpboot and start the application using bootaux command.


To debug, I start the JLink GDB server (see attached script) then I connect using Eclipse.

I'm able to debug (breakpoints, stepping...) when the code is located in internal RAM (OCRAM or TCM).

When the code is located in DDR, I can set a breakpoint and stop on it. But then I cannot do anything, the M4 program counter is stuck and I cannot do stepping, examine memory...


Did anyone already experienced this problem? Any idea to solve this?




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