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CAAM error in non-secure linux kernel

Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by M c

Dear freescale team.


I have questions about CAAM in i.mx6qsabreauto board.


I changed linux kernel to work in non-secure mode. of course, modified CSU to access peripherals in non-secure kernel.


But it occurs caam errors when booting kernel.


I think that i need to configure "Job Ring MID Register (JRMIDR)", "DECO MID Register (DECOxMID)"  in the guide of IMX6DQ6SDLSRM_security.pdf


i really don't know how to configure it well. it's not easy to understand the pdf guide file.


if i'm right,  is thers some  reference code?


And i saw "ls1021x_config_caam_stream_id()" in u-boot.


It says for supporting for initializing CAAM's stream id.


I'm not sure but the function is for adjusting JRMIDR, DECOxMID values?


Thank you.