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Combined TBDML/OSBDM Code

Question asked by pgo on Feb 19, 2008
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Dear HCS12/HCS08 users,

I use a HCS12 processor board in undergraduate labs.  To support programming these we made a number of TBDML programmers.  It was reasonably straightforward to extend the use of these to HCS08 through some simple modification of the OSBDM code.  Unfortunately, this had the disadvantage of requiring the flash in the programming hardware to be changed when moving between programming HCS12 and HCS08 devices.

There has been some discussion on these forums about combining the OSBDM and TBDML code to produce a single more flexible programmer.

To make this easier I have produced a combined version of the TBDML/OSBDM code.  It is also necessary to have a modified windows driver file TBDML.dll so that Codewarrior will talk to the modified BDM which identifies itself as an OSBDM.  The OSBDM windows driver file remains unchanged since the software remains compatible with TBDML (at least as far as HCS08 devices).
This code is attached along with brief instructions.

Please let me know if this is useful or if you have other comments - preferably through this discussion board.

Good Luck!

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