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I.mx6 dual lite 2 screen output : ePaper Display and eDP retina panel

Question asked by Nikita Tsarov on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by Nikita Tsarov

Before I begin, may I confirm that apart from I.MX7 duo that is still to be released,

the most powerful Freescale chip that supports ePaper such as eink displays is I.MX6 Dual lite?

I.MX6Dual and I.MX6Dual Plus have no EPDC output to eInk, right?


I would like to switch output between : EPDC eInk screen MIPI DSI to eDP retina panel 2048x1536

Running android 4.2.

Any good Freescale developer boards with Dual lite and EPDC epaper exposed pin interface?


These are some boards I found with I.MX6 Dual Lite but sadly NO EPDC eInk pins exposed?


RidgeRun Dual lite


BoundaryDevices i.mx6

Toradex Colibri

MarS board


I would really appreciate picking up an inexpensive i.mx6 Dual Lite board with EPDC exposed by default, any ideas?

Would it be worth getting a none EPDC board from the list above and then figure out how to expose the EPDC interface of the I.MX6 BGA manually?


In terms of drivers for EPDC interface and MiPi DSI ,where do I get Android 4.2 and Linux drivers?


would appreciate any help, please.