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Where can a Newbie find KSDK 2.0 Resources?

Question asked by Myke Predko on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Myke Predko

Going forward with my product (which I'm going to use the SD Card driver on the MK22 that I just posted), I would like to like to use KSDK 2.0 for the product code but I don't seem to be able to find any information on how to create a new bare metal project. 


Experimenting with creating a new project in KDS with KSDK 2.0 added, it looks like there are basic new project options in terms of:

- Loading a basic API/device driver set versus a full version

- Loading in freeRTOS versus bare metal


I'm guessing that to start out, I should load the full set of drivers and then delete what I don't need later in the project. 


I just did a test "Hello World" application and I was surprised that the base #includes weren't sufficient for the project.  I added:

  • fsl_device_registers.h
  • fsl_debug_console.h
  • fsl_common.h

that were used in the "Hello World" application.  I'm guessing that as I create an application, I need to put in the required APIs and then when I get the errors/warnings saying that there is an undefined reference, I add the appropriate #include .h. 


Similarly, for adding "middleware" (the "FatFs" will be the big requirement for me) I should create a new folder in the project.  I'm guessing that I have to add the folder to the include paths in the "Properties" ==> "C/C++ Build" ==> "Cross ARM C Compiler" ==> "Includes". 


My questions are:

  1. Does my approach above for creating a new project seem correct? 
  2. Is it safe to assume that clocks and other dependencies will be carried forward to the different driver methods?  This does not include:
    1. Pin Muxes, I'll have to set those myself.
    2. Interrupt Handlers will have to be explicitly defined. 
    3. DMA setup. 
    4. Anything else that as a rule of thumb I should look at setting up when I add new hardware?
  3. Where can I find an explanation on how to add a USB CDC device to my project? 
  4. Where can I find a good introduction to freeRTOS and creating applications?