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How do you turn rx and tx test pins on MC9S08MP16?

Question asked by ABHISHEK SAXENA on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by vicentegomez

Hey guys,

I was wondering whether anyone knows what kind of Initialization FreeMASTER performs on MC9S08MP16 to make it send and receive data through the TX and RX test pins.


I have a USB 2.0 to Serial RS232 TTL UART Converter Module Adapter (CP2102 based) connected to it and I can't get any data out of it or send anything into it unless FreeMASTER starts running. After that everything works as expected.


Has anyone accomplished doing so without FreeMASTER? If so, How did you accomplish that?

Could you also point me to any piece of code that turns those two pins on on said board?



                              Thank you very much.