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SDRAM Is Being Automatically Overwritten

Question asked by Eric Christensen on Jan 26, 2016
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I am using the external RAM (SDRAM) on the TWR-K65F180M.  I used the project that was provided by Marek Neuzil here: Re: can't read data back from SDRAM . I successfully got the program up and running.  However, I am noticing a bug in the program somewhere that is causing me problems.


If I place a break point on the line



-- for (address = (uint32_t *)SDRAM_BASE_ADD; address < MAX_ADDRESS; address++) {



or anywhere else, the value loaded into memory is NOT the last value to have been written there.  For example if I had just written 0x80000000 to 0x80000000 (in RAM) what I will see when I look at the RAM is something like 0x80005D3A.  Furthermore those bottom 2 Bytes (5D3A) will have been written into the bottom 2 bytes at all location in RAM.


I am very confused as to what would cause this.


Any help would be much appreciated.





EDIT:  Here is a screen shot of what RAM looks like at that location.