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Books or tutorials on KDS/Kinetis?

Question asked by Luke Malpass on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by Luke Malpass

I've got the chips, programmer and software all installed and ready to go.


However, I can find zero documentation on doing anything at all with the Kinetis chips. No guide on physically connecting a programmer to program the chips, what pins to use, what settings to define. No information on basic flashing of an LED or pressing a button, or anything at all about even using KDS beyond installing it and opening a pre-existing project.


Where are the books, guides, tutorials... anything on even using these?


I come from using Freescale processors, many PIC chips, Arduinos, Rasp Pi's etc.. so have quite a bit of knowledge in hardware and a lot in software. However, I can't get far with zero documentation.


I've read the full datasheet, all tech notes and errata's, manuals. None of them give any information on the above. They just give high level information about functions, yet no details on actually implementing them in KDS or anything else, or how to program them.