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i.Mx Quad Sabre Auto Android   NOT BOOTED

Question asked by kieran cox on Dec 11, 2015

The BSP downloaded for this board are both the source and images files created on 6/2/2015. I'ave attached the source/build instructions contained there-in.

Android OS for i.MX Applications Processors|NXP

Android OS for i.MX Applications Processors|NXP


The system boots into Android fine with the supplied binary images. However, after following the instructions (see attached) very closely, the build system does not create images that boot the system fully. The same SDcard and same board were used when swapping images, so the jumpers are set correctly and the SDcard is formatted correctly.


After some help, it was suggested I check the device tree contained within the boot-imx6q.img file generated. The script to split is and located here:


After splitting the image the device tree is the *.img-second.gz file. The device tree I'm generating has zero diffs from the images supplied by Freescale. The issue is the Android build environment setup is not building the correct version of the kernel.  To that end the kernel Android builds with the "lunch sabreauto_6q-user" is not the same as the supplied kernel image.


I attached the serial output logs of both kernels booting up. If you diff those logs you'll see the kernel build by Android has a broken SD/MMC card driver. The MMC is never detected/setup in the kernel, thus the kernel cannot mount partitions from it.  The kernel itself lives on the SDcard, but it's loaded fine because U-boot correctly recognizes the SDcard.


The instructions direct the kernel source to be  cloned separately from running repo for Android and the instructions selected a particular tag, ie:

git clone git:// kernel_imx


git checkout l5.0.0_1.0.0-ga


As this isn't the correct version of the kernel to build, what is the version that will generate a working SD/MMC card driver?   Looking at the kernel log, the kernel version is 3.10.53. There are numerous tags that can be checked out for the FSL kernel (  I'm sure the right tag to check out is in there, but which one?

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