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U boot console display

Question asked by suresh bk on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by bpe

Hi All,


we are working on processor P2041 with


*NOR flash device S29GL01GS10TFI010

*UART1 port of processor for console display


we have set the processor to hard coded RCW option ( RCW_CFG[0:4] = 1_1000 , 16-bit NOR Flash as boot location; dual 4-pin UARTs enabled; platform ratio of 6:1; core PLL ratio of 9 :1 ) and we have flashed the U-boot file (768KB) provided along with the P2041RDB at NOR location 0XEFF40000.We are not able to see the data on console display


-should the eLBC registers related to NOR in U-boot be edited for this problem?

-What are the parametrs need to be edited in the U boot for getting the display console ?



NOTE :we are not using the CTS and RTS of the UART1 PORT and have left those pins open