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alpha blending between fb1 and fb0 on iMX6

Question asked by andreit on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Reuel Haavrahami

Hello everyone,


I have video output on fb1 (using g-streamer's mfw_isink) and GUI on fb0  and I am trying to blend them together.

Video takes part of the screen. I use  MXCFB_SET_LOC_ALPHA on fb1 to set the transparency of the video portion to 117.

The rest of the fb1 frame is fully transparent (0).

Since video portion of fb1 is not solid I can see part of the GUI drawn on fb0. Corresponding video pane of fb0 consists of solid background color (dark orchard) and small stripe containing some video info.  I need to see video info and I don't need to see background color.

I tried to set color key MXCFB_SET_CLR_KEY on fb1 to filter out dark orchard but it doesn't seem have any effect.


Is it doable at all ? Or my approach is wrong ?


PS. Color key works fine if I use mfw_v4lsink which I think sends video to /dev/video17, but I need to use mfw_isink because it allows me to send the same video to LCD and HDMI.

CPU: iMX6Q,  Kernel:  3.10.17


Any help will be appreciated.