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how to update SDK 1.3 MQX from classic MQX 4.2?

Question asked by Martin Kozusky on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Martin Kozusky


I thought that MQX from KSDK 1.3  is more recent (according to MQX Roadmap ) than classic MQX 4.2 and that it will contain all sources that are in 4.2.

I wanted to try RTCS/grps  example (which exists in 4.2) on FRDM-K64F (I would modify twrk60n512 example), but I cannot find it in KSDK 1.3 (also modem.h and some other files are not there).   So which sources are more recent? Or are they mixed (some are newer in 4.2 and some in KSDK 1.3)?


Is there any recommended way how to sync those two sources (and examples)?  Or is there any patch being prepared for KSDK 1.3 that will do this?