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Error with Drag n Drop on .BIN file - FRDM K64FFFF

Question asked by Guillermo Bustos on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by David E Seymour

Hi, I've been trying to drag and drop the .bin compiled file and I had a FAIL.TXT that says "The interface firmware ABORTED programming. Image is trying to set security bits". Ive been looking for the same problem in other forum and i couldnt figer out how to fix it.

When i want to download the .bin file, the SDAv2's led stay in red,

I use KDS software with Processor Expert and compile a simple program that blinks a led. KDS compiler doesn't show me any error, and generate .bin file, so i think i am not doing any mistake in the code.

Information i have read: AN4507 AN4835 That explains the Flash Protection bits on flash memory but i didn't try anything because i dont want to brick the board.

The only way a can download my firmware on to the microcontroller from KDS is using "Flash From File"... but that use an .elf file that is heavier than a .bin file...

I want to compile using KDS, generate .BIN file and after that use the Drag and Drop to download it on the chip

The other thing i tried was upgrading SDAv2 firmware to Version: 0226, but i'm still having the same problem...

When i use Mbed compiler from internet, i dont have this problem.. i compiled some of the examples, generate the .bin file.. use Drag and Drop and everything works fine.. but I need to use KDS


To make the led blink example i followed this tutorial.. but they work with a private P&E Micro