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Hard fault on KE02 caused by write to static variable

Question asked by Paul Robinson on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Paul Robinson

I am trying to implement the I2C bootloader (AN4775) on the KE02 and get a hard fault interrupt.  I have tracked it down to the line that causes it using methods described in other posts which worked as when I remove the offending line I do not get the hard fault interrupt.  The problem is that I don't understand why it is causing the interrupt.


in the FC_protocol.c module there are some variables declared:


static uint8_t u8MCU_ID_InfoBuff[64];

static uint8_t u8DataBuff[WRITE_BLOCK_SIZE];

static uint8_t u8MCU_ID_InfoLength;


and the line that causes the interrupt is the last line in a function within that module


void MCU_ID_Package( void )


  ADDRESS_TYPE *pTempAddress;

    uint32_t *pRxFrameLenth;

  uint32_t u32Index;

    uint32_t i;

  uint8_t Sum;

  u8MCU_ID_InfoBuff[4] = sMCU_Info.Version;

  u8MCU_ID_InfoBuff[5] = (unsigned char)sMCU_Info.Sdid>>8;

  u8MCU_ID_InfoBuff[6] = (unsigned char)sMCU_Info.Sdid;


  u32Index = 7;


     -     -     -     -     -     -

     -     -     -     -     -     -


  u8MCU_ID_InfoLength = u32Index;



I have made the problem go away in two ways:

1. Make u8MCU_ID_InfoLength non-static

2. Make u8MCU_ID_InfoLength a uint32_t


neither of which make any sense to me.


From map file in original state:



                0x1ffffe68        0x1 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o


                0x1ffffe69       0x40 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o


                0x1ffffea9       0x40 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o


If I change u8MCU_ID_InfoLength to uint32_t it stays in same place and u8DataBuff is shifted by 3 bytes as expected, but why should this work?



                0x1ffffe68        0x4 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o


                0x1ffffe6c       0x40 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o


                0x1ffffeac       0x40 ./FC_protocol/FC_protocol.o