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How to run SmartDSP OS demos?

Question asked by Alexandr Polovnikov on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by lunminliang

I am trying to run demos for SmartDSP OS on BSC9131RDB.


When I  boot dsp image using command


/ipc/dsp_bt aic_loopback_9x31_rel.bin


I get following response


root@bsc913x:~# /ipc/dsp_bt /media/sda1/dsp/aic_loopback_9x31_rel.bin

===DSP boot Application===(1.1.02)==


DSP PrivArea: Addr=38000000 Size=8000000

Shared CtrlArea: Addr=37000000 Size=1000000

DSP Core0 M2: Addr=b0000000 Size=80000

DSP Core1 M2: Addr=0 Size=0

DSP M3: Addr=0 Size=0

PA CCSRBAR: Addr =ff700000 Size=100000

DSP CCSRBAR: Addr =ff600000 Size=100000

PA Shared Area: Addr=10000000 Size=f000000

DSP Shared Area: Addr=1f000000 Size=1000000



Copy Part b0000000 124b6


Copy Part b0014000 2f0c


Copy Part ff618108 4

DSP image copied

sleep 4 sec


DSP HW Sem1 value not correctly set, value=0


DSP Boot Failed, Please reset


The same result I get for other demos.


I will appriciate any help.


Alexander Polovnikov