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Booting from SD Card , Connecting to the target

Question asked by Besho Fayez on Oct 5, 2015
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We are designing a SoftWare for the target

Board : i.MX 6 series , Dual Lite , ARM Cortex-A9 Core.

When setting the boot pins to SD on cpu Boot Mode, we are getting terminal:

Observed behavior :  Exception stack ( 0xe4061f90 to 0xe4061fd8 ) as observed in attached image.


also, I have another problem

using Software : DS-5 over Eclipse

I couldn't connect to the target by using USB or Ethernet.


By connecting USB Cable and Ethernet Cable.

Expected behavior : message from Microsoft connecting to the target.

Observed behavior :  there is no message and i couldn't establish connection between computer and Target.



can anyone provide some helps on this?

Thanks in advance!