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Issues about "enableAutoSkip" function in VPU API

Question asked by Masahiro Ichikawa on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by AVNET JAPAN FAE (team share account)

I'm evaluating the various functions of VPU.
I'm using SABRE-SDP with Linux environment based on Poky 1.7(Yocto).

I'm referring to the "VPU API Linux Reference Manual" and am estimating H.264 video
encoding function, but I have a doubt about the function of "enableAutoSkip".


In the API Reference Manual:
enableAutoSkip. The value 0 disables automatic skip and 1 enables automatic skip in encoder
operation. Automatic skip means encoder can skip frame encoding when generated Bitstream
so far is too big considering target bitrate. This parameter will be ignored if rate control
is not used (bitRate = 0).


I set enableAutoSkip=1 and encoding video with low bitrate at fixed frame rate(30fps/GOP=30).
I've checking "skipEncoded" in "EncOutputInfo" struct during encoding,but "skipEncoded"
never become 1 even if I changed bitrate lower.

Generated bitstream was bigger than target bitrate.

Also check the bitstream,but skipped frame was not found.

(I've tested with FullHD 30fsp video Input , and set the bitrates 50kbps to 4Mbps.)


Does anyone check this function work right?  or  Is my undestanding wrong?