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Going from Baremetal and adding KSDK1.2

Question asked by Neil Porven on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hi everyone,


I started a project and under Rapid Development section, I selected Kinetis SDK: None

and I also didn't check the box for PE (Processor Expert).  I believe this is what is known

as a Baremetal project?


Now, I am trying to incorporate the SDHC & FatsF peripheral drivers of the KSDK1.2 to my

Baremetal project, but I don't know how?


1. Do I have to start a new project and select under Rapid Development section Kinetis SDK:

    KSDK manual selection, then import my existing Source/Include file?


Currently:   I have an Include and Source file and our modules .h and .c are inside accordingly.


I find that when you create a Kinetis Project and choose KSDK manual selection, you get a Source

file, but you do not get an include file???   All the user guides I have seen so far, seems to bundle

the .h and .c files in the Source file, but we have many and it would look messy. How do we handle

this?  What is the correct way of organizing the file structure and place .h and .c files in a way that

not only can be called and seen by the main and each other, but it is neatly done!


Thank you,



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