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sprintf with ewl_noio

Question asked by PO220 on Sep 10, 2015
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I'm trying to use sprintf with MQX lite on a KL15 but with Debug option "Ewl_noio" (needed for work without multilink ) an error occurs :

ARM_GCC_Support/ewl/EWL_C/src/stdio/vsnprintf.c undefined reference to `__pformatter'


I see here

Tutorial: Printf() with (and without) Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse

a solution for printf (add a low level UART) but for sprintf there is no UART.  I just need to format a char array :


char a8char[50];

unsigned short u16titi ;

u16titi = 262390;



With librarian settings "ewl_hosted" sprintf works well but without multilink the application don't run...


How can I activate sprintf without UART ?


thank you in advance for your explanations.