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USB CDC with MQX and C++

Question asked by Louie Moye on Aug 25, 2015
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I recently created a MQX 4.1 project, and used the C++ demo app to start a new C++ project with MQX.  In another proejct, I created MQX 4.1 with USB Device CDC support.  Now I'm trying to combine the two project to create MQX 4.1, written in C++ and include USB CDC Support.  I copied example code from the USB CDC project, and I added paths to my BSP/USB directory (${MQX_ROOT_DIR}/lib/ArubaBSP.cw10gcc/debug/usb), into the Project/Properties/C/C++ General/Includes tab for all languages.  I also added the classic extern "C" around my header includes usb_descriptor.h, and around usb_class.h, and usb_cdc.h.  However, I continue to get these linker errors:


undefined reference to `USB_Class_CDC_Recv_Data'


I get the same errors with each of the USB_Class_CDC_xxx functions I attempt to use. 


Any suggestions on how to resolve this?


BTW I'm using Codewarrior 10.6, and gcc