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Hi Everyone,

I am using Controller MC68HC908QB8.
I am using 2 controllers one as master and another as slave.I am sending command from master to slave and accourding to that data slave has to process and send the data back to master. I am using master  to send command  and receive the data back .  Slave will start transmission only when master initiates the transmission but master has to initiate only after the process in the slave have finished.How can I achive this.
I used 2 concepts delay accourding to the proccess time taken in slave used delay in master and another one is from master I will send data continuosly and get the same data once the process is over I will send one data after that whatever data comes it will take the data as output. But the problem is it losed the sequence after 6 th value.

I am not able to trace why it happened so Pls could any one help me.

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