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T1040 L2 Switch

Question asked by Vasan V S on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by alexander.yakovlev

We have a requirement to build a switch solution for which we are considering to leverage on the L2 switch core available in T1040 processor.


The customer has asked for support of around 12-14 ports in a switch. Since the initial PoC is going to be developed with T1040RDB that has 8 ports available outside, we are planning to recommend the customer to have two RDB boards cascaded one over the other.


If we connect the 8 ports available in the RDB with end systems (server class machines, desktop PC's etc.), can we use one out of the remaining 3 ports that is available in addition, to cascade to the second switch - in which we can connect the remaining end systems.


Will this sort of topology work in making an end system connected to Switch 1 communicate with an end system connected to Switch 2?


We intend to have the end systems connected within the switch to have their communication done by the L2 switch core whereas the end systems connected to these two different switches get communicated over the T1040 processor outside the L2 Switch core?


Thanks in advance