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PF0200 OTP programming problem

Question asked by Anders Rosvall on Jul 21, 2015
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I have an unprogrammed PF0200 PMIC on a new iMX6 design that I'm working on.

There is a connector on the board so that it is possible to program the PMIC via Freescale's "PF Series Programmer". I have followed the guidelines in the application note for on-board OTP programming. I have a rev B programmer and use the ver 4 GUI application.

I can download settings in TBB mode and everything works as it should... but I cannot program the OTP fuses and get the PMIC to start up with the values I have programmed.

When I program the OTP fuses via the GUI everything seems ok. I can read back the correct values but as soon as the PMIC is power cycled the previously programmed values are gone.

I think it all boils down to the "FUSE_POR_XOR"  bit in register 0xE7 (reg bank 1). This bit is always zero. I cannot get this bit to be set.

If I 'blank check' the PMIC after programming, the GUI reports that the device is blank, but when I checked with a logic analyzer that the GUI really does when 'blank checking' I saw that it just reads the "FUSE_POR_XOR"  bit in register 0xE7.

I have attached the programming script I use.


Any ideas what the problem can be? Things to check?


Many thanks,


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