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internal flash write problem in frdmk64f120

Question asked by sudhakar p on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by Carlos_Musich


     i am using FRDMK64f120 controller. i am using KDS2.0 and ksdk 1.1.0. MQX. i tried internal flash read/write program. its working fine. after i interfaced flash Demo project into ethernet_to_serial project,now  i am getting some error i dnt know what problem. if i reduce my code size its working fine. if i increase my code size its not working fine.

          in my code i am using more "const char * static_array[ ]" is any problem? because if i comment some "const char * " (its mean reduce some parameter(data)) at that time its working fine. in internal flash i am saving 200 or 500byte data only. at address 0xfa000


text data  bss  dec  hex    filename
528504 2884      23912     555300      87924    eth_to_serial.elf

this is my code size .BIN file size was nearly 519KB.


what is the solution for this? is i want to change any internal flash writing address?  i am not get any idea give some solution.

is any option to save data in NVM (without external interface) .



sudhakar p