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How to boot imx6 SABRE SD board from qspi NOR flash using MfgTool

Question asked by ozu on Jun 19, 2015

I have an imx6 SABRE SD board with imx6 solo x controller on it. The board also has QSPI interface. I could boot the board from SD card that came along with it.


Now I am trying to use MfgTool to load the uboot image in the qspi2. I think I am able to copy uboot to qspi flash. Please find the attached console messages, which show that the writing U-boot was successful.


When I restart the board after receiveing the Update Complete message, I can not see anything on the console. I expect to see a U-boot prompt, from which I can change partitions or maybe load the kernel. I have also attached my cfg.ini settings for the MfgTool. Why cant I see U-boot on console?


Can I also change ucl2.xml and try burning kernel (zImage) in qspi2 as well? Is it possible to boot entirely from qspi2, without using the SD card at all?


Any help appreciated! Thanks!!

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