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FRDM-KL43Z- ADC not receiving any input

Question asked by Kei Hitomi on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Santhosh Ramani

I was trying to run the sample project in the SDK that utilize the DAC and ADC but whenever I read the value on the output of the ADC the values are always constant even if I try to change the ADC input values using the DAC's output.  The ADC would always return 3.3V even if I set the DAC's voltage so 1V. This seems to hint that the ADC isn't receiving it's input from the DAC.


I also noticed that the FRDM-KL43Z was listed as a board that needs external sine wave connected either because of lack of the DAC hardware feature support or lack of the SoC/Board signal connection support.  However when I look at the board schematic it seems the DAC is indeed connected to the ADC.


The sample project lists the FRDM-KL43Z as a supported board and it mentions that it uses internal connections to connect the DAC out to the ADC in.


There are also suggestions to jump GPIO pins in some of the sample projects to get the ADC to function however, I'm not sure if I need to jump certain GPIO pins for the ADC to function properly on the FRDM-KL43Z or if it's a software issue.