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GStreamer C application

Question asked by Giritharan R on May 14, 2015

Hi i want to write a GStreamer Application using C Language for this GStreamer command  (gst-launch –e mfw_v4lsrc capture-mode=1 fps-n=30 ! vpuenc codec=0 ! queue ! mux. alsasrc ! 'audio/x-raw-int,rate=48000,channels=1' ! mfw_mp3encoder ! queue ! mux. avimux name=mux ! filesink location=audio_video.avi sync=false).


I attach sample C application source code.While running this code i got segmentation fault error and some error.

And the thing is i dont know how to add  the following things :

! mux. alsasrc


! mux. avimux name=mux.


So please help to complete the C application as per the gstreamer command i give.

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